Barbara Goodfellow Childs
Barbara Goodfellow Childs

Stoneware Servingware

Functional wares are glazed with food-safe glazes, are dishwasher and oven safe. All decorative stamps are handmade and glazes are all coordinated so they may be displayed and used with other collected pieces. 


Raku Sea Life

Plaster castings are made of local sea life, then clay is pressed into the molds. It is a timely process, but the molds can be re-used many times before they wear out. All are glazed using the same combination of matte and glossy copper glazes; the firing process determines their final colorful outcome.


Naked Raku

Naked raku pieces are first bisque fired, then a layer of clay slip and glaze are applied. Pulled from the kiln before the glaze matures and placed in a reduction chamber allows smoke to turn unglazed portions black. Cracks are also formed in the slip/glazed covered areas where smoke enters and creates unique designs. Once cooled, the slip is removed from the pot to reveal the naked (unglazed) end design.


Saggar Fired 

Saggar fired works are first decorated with copper wires, salt-soaked ferns and leaves, chemical colorants, and other combustibles. Either wrapped in tin foil or placed in a saggar chamber, they are fired to temperature and then completely cooled before being removed from the kiln.

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